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All of MEPI's workshops derive presenters from many agencies with experience and expertise in their related field. Some of our past presenters have come from the following agencies: Mission Hiring Hall, Arriba Juntos, Mission Learning Center , YMCA, Mission Council, The Boys and Girls Club, The American Heart Association, and The Department of Public Health. Mission Education Projects Inc. (MEPI) provides a wide portfolio of services including:

Tutoring Students receive assistance in comprehension of and improving their skills in coursework that has been most challenging to them with an emphasis on Math and English.

Homework Assistance Students receive assistance in study skills that improve their comprehension, completion, timeliness and quality of their assignments.

Parenting Workshops Parents participate in workshops that focus on confidence building, teaching parents to be pro-active in their child's education, improving communication skills between parent and child, improving their child's self-esteem, and effective discipline strategies that ultimately results in better educational performance for their child.

Employment workshops Open to the community, participants attend workshops that stress the importance of acquiring and improving job skills, training and education and provides information and referrals for possible employment and training opportunities.

Through the collaborative efforts of students, parents, and staff members MEPI has been able to foster an environment where youth can fulfill their dream of higher education and reach their future goals. Some of MEPI's recent success stories include three current students in our program who are applying to Lowell High School for the 2005/2006 school year, and two former MEPI students are attending Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley on full scholarships.

MEPI Desired Outcomes:

The desired outcome/impacts of our program are to increase class attendance and reduce both student and parent apathy, improve the performance our student's school work with emphasis in Mathematics and English, increase the likelihood that our students will complete their basic school education through high-school, increase parent participation in their child's education, and encourage and foster the dreams and ability for our youth to pursue higher education.

It is our expectation that 20% of our students will bring their grades up from a C average to an A after going through our program while 60% of our students will learn the skills necessary to be better prepared to meet their academic challenges, and unfortunately 20% will continue to struggle in their academics, with language being the biggest problem.

MEPI serves as a clearinghouse of information in our neighborhood. We inform our client families and neighbors about community events, hearings and meetings that affect them. We also keep our clients and neighbors informed about many civic related issues before the Board of Education, Board of Supervisors and the various Commission and Committees of the City. We also collaborate with other community service providers to promote each other's programs, events and services to our respective clients.

The following MEPI services are open to parents, students, and neighbors as part of our involvement in our neighborhood to raise the quality of life of our students:

Health Workshops Through our Health Workshops and forums students, parents, and community members learn about how to avoid Diabetes, learn proper hygiene techniques, and receive CPR training and referrals for certification.

Safety Workshops Our Safety Workshops inform students, parents and community members about a wide variety of safety concerns including: personal, fire, car seat, vehicle, pedestrian, and internet safety.

Parenting Workshops- Through our Parenting Workshops, parents learn skills that will help increase the academic and personal development of their child through seminars on confidence building, steps to be pro active with their child's education, improved communication skills between themselves and their child, techniques to improve their child's self-esteem, and effective discipline strategies.

Employment Workshops- Workshops geared to parents and community members stress the importance of job skills/training and referrals for possible employment. These workshops engage parents to advance their educational and personal development as a way to improve their families lives as well a way to set an example to their child.

Parent/Community Referrals - Recognizing that parents and community members who have experience with our organization may need services outside the scope of our program, we provide our clients and the community with referrals to various neighborhood and city wide organizations that provide services for employment, immigration information, higher education, legal issues, housing, rent and other related supportive services. The following is a partial list of organizations we refer our clients to: Mission Hiring Hall, Arriba Juntos, Horizons Unlimited, Mission Language and Vocational School, Mission Council for Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Mission Learning Center , Mission Family Center , Family Mosaic Project, and Family Service League.

Healthy Cooking Classes, Healthy Organic Foods We strongly believe that to have healthy minds, we must also have healthy food. We provide cooking classes and demonstrations that stress the importance of healthy cooking and developing good eating habits for the family.

Recreational/Community Events MEPI engages the community and creates forums in which to inform the wider community about the services it provides through recreational, family and community programming. With the help of a large network of volunteer parents, students, and community members, MEPI programs yearly community events such as the community pumpkin patch to the community egg hunt, instilling pride and a sense of community belonging to all who attend.

Book Borrowing Services Over the past few years MEPI has collected donations of many Spanish and English books and provides parents, students, and community members the opportunity to borrow books on subjects ranging from cooking, health, culture, history, and many other subjects of interest.


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